Our activities and services

Nos activités et prestations



Sound design
     • Sound effects
     • Atmospheres
     • Special effects
     • Music
Créations sonores
     • Bruitages
     • Ambiances
     • Effets spéciaux
     • Musiques



Everybody have listen one day a lighter Dupont or the Porsche motor by exemple , for this unique sound personality.

We offer to conseptualise and developed your unique sound personality for your prestigious products like :

watch,phone,wine bottle,boat,knife,cars,perfume etc,or for your working place tree,fountain,door,main entrance and everything making a heartthrob


Acoustic Consultant



CKSDE Mod Calculator

 Mods calculator cksde

We offer an easy approach for commercial studios and project studios: Our idea is based on the helmhotz ( which will control the 80% of acoustic problems of your studio. That contents: A discussion on place with the mesures of the place, a basic plan of works to do, an accurate calculation of mods of your local, a discussion of materials and technics for installing them, an acoustic mesure and the calibration of your monitor and, finally, a second mesure after modifications of details if it is necessary a pdf of the curves and of the mods of your studio.



If you want, we are partner with the society of Santiago Fernandez http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002433158515 for realizing your works phonic, acoustic, cosmetic and mobels and all work elektric, reseaux, audio cabling etc.





Audio Restoration



We offer an audio restoration of your audio files that could be possible due to the complexity of the subject. We offer some examples below which have been possible to restore.

Prices per hours on request.

{mp3}mad_lighters _vox_apres{/mp3}


1) A click on the voice while recording a session



 2) Restoration and extraction of a watch movement for an iPad application






Sound engineering
     • Music, sound and film mastering
     • Audio restoration
     • Sound editing and video post synchronisation
     • Sound or musical works creation, editing mixing
       and foley
Ingénierie du son
     • Mastering musique, son et film
     • Restauration
     • Montage son et post synchronisation vidéo
     • Création, montage et mixage d'oeuvres sonores
       ou musicales, bruitages (foley)


Audio Computer
Audio equipments and workstations setting (Avid / Digidesign™ Pro Tools™).
Software installation and setup.
Installation et configuration des logiciels.
Informatique audio
Montage et installation de stations de travail audio (Avid / Digidesign™ Pro Tools™).
Hardware assembly and setup.
Assemblage et configuration du matériel.


Audio electronic devices or equipments design and assembly.
Développement et montage d'appareils ou dispositifs électroniques audio


                        Our activities are related to :
        • Multimedia
        • Video games
        • Film industry
        • TV and Broadcasting
        • Music
        • Sound bank creation
        • Acoustic treatment
          Nos domaines d'activités :
        • Le multimédia
        • Les jeux vidéo
        • Le cinéma
        • La TV et la radiodiffusion
        • La musique
        • La création de banques de sons
        • Le traitement acoustique
Our customers are :
        • Private persons
        • Artists
        • Recording studios
        • Firms
        • Industries
Nos prestations s'adressent :
        • Aux particuliers
        • Aux artistes
        • Aux studios
        • Aux PME
        • A l'industrie



Data storage support and file formats commonly used :
Storage : audio and data CD and DVD, external hard drive, SD cards, USB peripheral.
Formats : AIFF, SD2, WAV, MP3, FLAC, QUICK TIME ™  in 2.0 to 7.1  on 16b fixed 24b fixed 32b float in 44.1 to 384 Khz

Akai ™, Alchemy ™, Battery ™, EMU ™, Giga Sampler ™, Halion ™, Iris ™, Independance ™, Kyma ™, Kontakt ™,  Kurzweil ™ MachFive ™, Neuron ™, Omnisphere ™, Pro Tools ™, Reaktor ™, Samplecell ™, Sample Tank ™, Structure ™, Stylus ™, and well more ....
Other data storage support type on request.
Supports de données et formats couramment utilisés :
Supports : CD et DVD audio ou données, disque dur externe, cartes SD, périphériques USB.
Formats : 
AIFF, SD2, WAV, MP3, FLAC, QUICK TIME ™ de 2.0 a 7.1  en 16b fixe 24b fixe 32b float et de 44.1 a 384 Khz

Akai ™, Alchemy ™, Battery ™, EMU ™, Giga Sampler ™, Halion ™, Iris ™, Independance ™, Kyma ™, Kontakt ™,  Kurzweil ™ MachFive ™, Neuron ™, Omnisphere ™, Pro Tools ™, Reaktor ™, Samplecell ™, Sample Tank ™, Structure ™, Stylus ™, et plus encore ....
Autres types de supports de données sur demande.