We developed software mainly for CKSDE internal work and exclusively for our customers because we don't find this on the market.
Thats products are build on Reaktor and supercollider



The TERMINAL STATION are the first of 3 software developement, dedicated mainly for post production


PREQUEL (pre processing)

options in the future


  • Transient processor
  • Distortion and effects
  • Tape and tube simulator
  • Spatial extraction
  • High and low pass filters / EQs
  • Routing matrix (for parallel / serial / compound dynamic processing and side chaining)


s an arbitrary curves upward and downward multibands dynamic processor.

Dynamic curves, as attack and release envelopes can be drawed manually in an arbitrary way.

A whole MS section in also included within the input stage.

Three input modes are available : external audio (plug-in mode), internal audio (loop player mode) and internal frequency generator (curve setting and calibration).

Each sections (bands) are totally independant.

Listen the amazing evolutiv & creativ result below


METADYNATOR (main processing) see picture above





  • Included sample loop player (for stand alone application)
  • Multifunction oscillator (for tests and calibration)
  • MS monitoring, balance and processing capabilities
  • Arbitrary dynamic curve processing (independent for each band)
  • Scalable dynamic range (magnitude)
  • Upward / Downward capabilities
  • Arbitrary Attack / Release envelopes (independent for each band)
  • Analog type crossover filters (phaseless)




Some option for the future :


  • Save and recall of any dynamic and envelope curves
  • Independent bypasses on the MS section
  • Independent mute / solo / bypass on the crossover section
  • Mirror function on dynamic curves (allowing inverse compression)




SEQUEL (post processing)

options in the future


  • Harmonic sub bass
  • LFO Matrix (sound design)
  • Spatial processing
  • Effects and reverb


    Post prod exemple 1 Bugatti bypass fx :        

    Post prod exemple  2 Bugatti perspective 1:    

    Post prod exemple  3 Bugatti perspective 2:    

    Post prod exemple  4 Bugatti perspective 3:    

    Post prod exemple  5 Bugatti perspective 4:    

    Post prod exemple  6 Bugatti perspective 5:    


    Post prod exemple 7 Subliminal explosion bypass fx :        

    Post prod exemple 8 Subliminal explosion  fx :                

    Post prod exemple 9 Subliminal explosion  fx :                



    Music exemple 1 Drums loop bypass fx :         

    Music exemple 2 Drums loop :                      

    Music exemple 3 Drums loop :                      

    Music exemple 4 Drums loop :                      

    Music exemple 5 Drums loop :                      

    Music exemple 6 Drums loop :                      

    Music exemple 7 Drums loop :                       

    Music exemple 8 Drums loop :                       

    Music exemple 9 Drums loop :                       



THE WOSHATOR are a the second part of 3 software developement, dedicated mainly for post production.
It gives the possibilities to add tonal caractere, it mix 2 synth and 2 sampler to achive a dynamic result
for more focussing our woshes to the movie scene or by exemple create a special winds with a chaos algorithme

woshator screen shot

   Post prod exemple 1 :

    Post prod exemple 2 :

    Post prod exemple 3 :

    Post prod exemple 4 :

    Post prod exemple 5 :


THE ROOMTONE are a the third part of 3 software developement, dedicated mainly for post production
It gives the possibilities to shape many different ambiant tone and sequences, industrial tone ,and bizzard stresser effects.

It content 2 Fm wave generator type 1 ,one Fm wave generator type 2 ,one noise tones ,one wavelet generator achieving amazing

sound design roomtones


 roomtone screen shot

   Post prod exemple 1 :

    Post prod exemple 2 :

    Post prod exemple 3 :

    Post prod exemple 4 :

    Post prod exemple 5 :


Is a software version of a previous analog hardware version

It mixes the capability of a ready to use prebuilt synth with the flexibility of a modular control routing matrix.

This concept allow you go get complex sound shapes and sequences with only a few high level modules, rather than use a hudge amount of low level modules to get the same result.

Our experience in analog modular synthesis has allowed us to select the best configuration possible between simplicity and flexibility.

Even digital, the synth has been internally designed in a thrue analog manner.

Thanks to the core level provided within Reaktor, is has been possible to nearly reach the initial analog electronic circuitry between the hardware prototype and its software version.

Main Caracteristics

Classic analog substractive synthesis.

Semi modular pre routed audio

Pre built High level function modules

             Modulation signal routing matrix

             Fx modules included ( reverb ,phaser ,flanger )

Modules description

VCO                                                                                  VCF  ( type 1 )

       Dual multi osc / multi waveform                                           Dual 2 pole multishape filters

       Osc synchro and ring-mod efx                                              Serie / parallel configuration

       Pwm / noise / sub / MS sections                                           Osc / noise mixing

       Modulation matrix                                                                  Modulation matrix

VCF ( type 2 )                                                                     3 LFO

         Triple resonator formant filter                                             Multi waveform with Chaotic random

          Vowel formant shaper                                                       Waveform phase / sync / symetry

          Modulation matrix                                                              Modulation matrix

                                                                                                    BPM clock mode

2 Envelopes

           ADSR level

           Time and level key followers

           Modulation matrix



    Music       exemple 1 :

    Music       exemple 2 :

    Music       exemple 3 :

    Music       exemple 4 :

    Music       exemple 5 :



Is a quad granulator synth co developed and coded with the master Hervé Provini,
It as a unique configuration structure with many particularities like below :

3 grain Triggers modes

  random trigger
            weighted trigger ( weight between 4 granulators )
            step sequencer trigger

The step sequencer can trig grain as a sequence in each section up to 24 steps

Each section can contain a different sounds

The wave selection can be done graphically, with a adjutable jitter on the selection

Waveform revers parameter.

The midi can control the pitch of each granulator modules in a pseudo poliphonic way
allowing a maximum of 4 notes chord


Each granulator contains the folowing sections

Envelopes Controls

            Is 8 segments editable graphic envelope whith in grain buffer mode
            and is fixed hanning envelope in Tgrain mode

Pitch Controls

Octave, semitone, cents
            Each parameter as its own jitter adjustement

 Filter Controls

30 filters type   
           From classic LPF to rezonator, comb filter, formlet, etc
           Each filter as its own parameter and jitter adjustement
           With dry / wet mixing


Effects Controls

  7 effects type   
           From classic reverb to delay, warp fx, etc
Each effects as its own parameter and jitter adjustement
           With dry / wet mixing

Panner Controls

Stereo and quadry x / y surround panner
           With jitter adjustement

Master Limiter



      exemple 1 :

      exemple 2 :

      exemple 3 :

      exemple 4 :

      exemple 5 :