Mix Bigger, Better Projects—Faster

As a dedicated professional, you’re looking for faster, higher quality, and easier ways to record, edit, and mix the most demanding productions. Meet the more powerful, new generation of Pro Tools|HD—Pro Tools|HDX. Get more tracks, more headroom, and up to 5x more dedicated DSP power to tackle even the most massive music and post-production projects with the confidence that comes with guaranteed performance.


Key features:
  •     Unleash your creativity with up to 5x more power per card than Pro Tools|HD Accel
  •     Mix bigger, better mixes faster with 256 tracks (up to 768) and double the I/O per card, plus 4x   more ADC
  •     Get higher resolution sound and more headroom with the floating-point architecture
  •     Compose, record, edit, and mix with the award-winning Pro Tools HD software toolset
  •     Capture and reproduce audio with pristine clarity using Pro Tools HD Series interfaces
  •     Increase your power and track counts by simply adding additional cards
  •     Supports the AAX plug-in format for better workflow and sound parity with native systems



Capture pristine, high-resolution audio through premium mic preamps and monitor your sessions in up to 7.1 surround with the all-in-one HD OMNI interface. Designed to completely integrate with Pro Tools|HD, HD OMNI is an ideal choice for individual musicians, composers, post-production studios, and anyone else who demands top sound quality and the convenience of an all-in-one interface. Experience best-in-class A/D and D/A conversion, mic preamps, the lowest possible latency, and a full monitoring section—all in one compact interface.

96 I/O

An affordable 16 channel audio interface for Pro Tools|HD, 96 I/O outperforms our 888|24 I/O on nearly ever level -- and it's available for about half the price. 96 I/O features a wealth of I/O options, including 8 channels of high-definition analog I/O, 8 channels of ADAT optical I/O, 2 channels of AES/EBU and S/PDIF I/O, and Word Clock I/O.

96i I/O

96i enables you to readily introduce output from third-party outboard gear — keyboards, samplers, effects, and other line-level equipment — into your Pro Tools environment. Its 16 analog inputs provide balanced or unbalanced A/D conversion using tip-ring-sleeve (TRS) 1/4" connectors. A S/PDIF port capable of 24-bit digital I/O allows you to connect professional DAT recorders, CD players, and other digital recording devices. A/D and D/A converters of the same quality as those of the Digidesign 96 I/O ensure that your signal’s fidelity is maintained going into and coming out of Pro Tools.

192 I/O

192 I/O is, simply put, the best sounding audio interface ever offered by Digidesign®, rivaling interfaces costing more than twice its price. In addition to support for up to 16 channels of analog and digital input and output, 192 I/O features a wide range of analog and digital I/O options to choose from, including 8 channels of high-definition, pristine quality analog I/O, 8 channels of AES/EBU, eight channels of TDIF, 16 channels of ADAT and 2 additional channels of AES/EBU or S/PDIF digital I/O.

192 AD Expansion Card
192 DA Expansion Card
192 Digital Card

192 Digital I/O

Embodying the ideal all-digital interface to Pro Tools®|HD is the 192 Digital I/O™ — a high-definition, 24-bit/192 kHz-capable, multi-channel audio interface specifically designed to facilitate digital input from a variety of sources into the Pro Tools|HD environment.


Expand your Pro Tools|HD workflow to integrate with MADI-equipped devices—including routers and digital mixing consoles—with the all-digital HD MADI interface. The perfect solution for integrating Pro Tools|HD into post-production and broadcast environments, HD MADI gives you great connection flexibility, fuss-free use through built-in sample rate conversion, and the ability to send and receive up to 64 channels of audio between your Pro Tools setup and MADI devices up to 2 km (1.24 miles) away—all with a single rack unit interface.


Featuring eight discrete, matched transistor hybrid mic-preamp circuits, PRE offers a pristine signal path designed specifically for the Pro Tools|HD environment. PRE accepts nearly any input signal, easily accommodating mic, line and direct instrument (DI) level inputs on all eight channels.

Sync HD

Keep even your largest Pro Tools|HD and audio-video productions in total sync. SYNC HD attains near sample-accurate lock to serial timecode (through RS-422), LTC, or bi-phase/tach signals, incorporating a high-fidelity, low-jitter master Word Clock that supports operations up to 192 kHz, as well as standard pull-up/pull-down rates for film and video applications.
SYNC HD also features AES/EBU clock I/O, SD and HD video reference in/thru, video program in/out with timecode window inserter, and a host of other features, making it a must have for Pro Tools|HD professionals in commercial music and post-production facilities.


MIDI I/O™ is the custom-tailored, USB-powered MIDI solution for Pro Tools systems. Featuring ten MIDI input/output ports, MIDI I/O also supports Digidesign Time-Stamping* for unprecedented timing accuracy. MIDI I/O will ship in September.

Expansion Chassis

The Digidesign® Expansion|HD chassis is an all-new 4U rack with six available PCI slots that offers an easy and efficient way to expand the power of your Pro Tools|HD® system. The Digidesign Expansion|HD chassis connects to the host computer via a Host PCI or Host PCI Express (PCIe) card, each sold separately. The chassis includes a thin and flexible five-meter cable, but it can accommodate up to a ten-meter cable, allowing you to place the chassis away from the CPU or main mixing area.